This is a free online short course for publishers designed to provide an introduction to the process of buying and selling rights to a published work.

The course content was written by Brian O'Donnell with input from Lynette Owen, edited by Kathryn Harper, CODE and IBB staff.

Selling, Trading, and Sub-licensing Publishing Rights: A short course for publishers

The content in this course will provide you with the knowledge and confidence to engage in buying, selling, and sub-licensing rights with other local, regional, and international publishers. After completing this course we encourage you to sign up for our online live Q&A sessions.

  • Templates

    Each module contains a set of templates and sample documents that you can review to help you develop your own agreements.

  • Glossary

    Each module provides a glossary of terms for future reference and to assist you as you go through each lesson.

  • Certificate

    Once you have sucessfully completed the course we will send you a certificate of completion. And you will be able to sign up for our live Q&A session with a publishing rights professional.